No One Knows You Better. Why Let Others Design Your Shoe for You? – Undandy Review

No One Knows You Better. Why Let Others Design Your Shoe for You? – Undandy Review


Have you ever wondered what constitutes the idea of the perfect shoe?


What are the parameters that define its quality and whether it is worth the personal investment?


I have.


For me, the shoe has always been the most important element of my personal style. A good pair of shoes would determine to a huge extent the quality of my attire and how comfortable and confident I feel in it.


I was always fascinated by how different shoes can merge with various styles and produce a well-structured ensemble that can illuminate a mixture of emotional states ranging from mystique to fascination.


I would investigate the shoe details and I would try to come up with style combinations that would introduce more versatility to my style but also to my character.


That fascination with shoes led me to interesting paths.


I discovered what different shoe designs mean and what is their story.


I realized that different shoes convey different messages and that a shoe can oftentimes be the manifestation of an individual’s personal narrative.


A sneaker can communicate a relaxed and nonchalant approach. A boot can transmit a more firm and assertive body language. A dress shoe is a very stylish artifact that illuminates class and, worn properly, it can embody the idea of sprezzatura.


Eventually, after all these ideas sunk in, I came to understand that a shoe should be more than just a random wardrobe item.


It should be a meticulously planned investment.


We usually buy shoes because they are part of a trend, or because we think that we need them. As a result, we end up with numerous pairs, which just take up a lot of space and fail to live up to the expectations we endeavored to meet.


That approach not only ruins the essence of the shoe itself, but it also costs us a lot of money and confusion.


I myself have been a victim of this process for years. Lately, however, I refined my approach and I have become a more honest and responsible agent of the shoe collection habit.


Therefore, I want to take some time and discuss the parameters one needs to have in mind when buying a shoe, along with how I found these parameters in the best pair of shoes I currently own.


The 3 major parameters of a great shoe



Quality is the most crucial element of the shoe constitution. The materials used to create the shoe and the way they are combined will determine the life of the shoe and its durability.


Comfort is the factor that makes the shoe easy for regular use. An uncomfortable shoe is more of a burden than a worthy investment.


Design determines the level of appeal the shoe will have and this in respect will determine the value enhancement it can provide to the individual.


Discovering a shoe that finds itself in the nexus of these three parameters is an arduous task.


Most companies don’t want to miss out on the opportunities that a cheap material can offer and, usually, although a shoe can bee beautiful and comfortable, it wears out after extensive use.


Cheap material also affects the aesthetics of the shoe. The details show poorly and the shoe looks base and banal.


I have owned many shoes over the years, some of them quite expensive, and I can honestly say that I struggled a lot to find a shoe that satisfies all the above parameters.


Since I am a person that looks deep into things, I like to do a lot of research and discover new brands that can offer a unique value proposition.


That’s how I came across a company called Undandy.


Undandy Review


Undandy is based in Portugal and from there they supply the world with scrupulously crafted handmade shoes.


Their idea is quite prodigious since they are one of the few companies that allow the customer to participate in the production process and pick the design combinations he truly desires.


The design process goes as follows:


First, you need to choose the model that fits your style. Each model is special and the model design depends totally on your personal preference.

Then you need to go through seven different steps until you can have the final version of your shoe.


Step one is the model and the decoration.

I went with a Derby full brogue.


Steps two to six is the color.

I liked the Suede&Canvas chocolate with gray laces.


You can actually play around with the colors and try out bolder looks.

The possibilities are endless and Undandy offers also a set of ready to wear shoes to pick from or as a starting point.

Finally, the coolest part is that you can engrave anything you like on the sole and add one more level of personalization to the shoe.

After I placed my order I had to wait for almost two weeks until my shoes arrived, since every pair is handmade and the company pays a lot of attention to quality and care.


When the shoes arrived, my enthusiasm was immense.


I never owned such a carefully crafted shoe. Every part of it was perfect. I could even smell the freshly polished leather and sense its flawless edges.


While examining the different details of the shoe, at some point I stopped and in a moment of unapologetic self-expression I told myself:


This isn’t just a shoe. This is a piece of art.


Closing remarks


Undandy is without a doubt a very serious brand that brings the whole shoe design and picking experience to a whole new level. Their customer service is also great and their management team is very responsible and professional.


Here is also a video of their process:



As a closing remark, I would like to add that this shoe is unquestionably an ideal investment. Starting at $170 Undandy creates a competitive value proposition that few companies can match, due to their direct to consumer business model. I usually spend at least $100-$120 for shoes that sometimes don’t even last a year. With the Undandy shoes, I secured an exceptional pair of dress shoes for years to come.


If you also want to have a similar experience, I suggest giving them a try.


You can design your own shoe here.


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  • Lew Thurston

    First, I enjoy your work. I have no problem with your review. I did want to point out that Undandy (as of a month or so ago) did not have sizes past size US 13 or so. It kind of leaves a few of us larger footed animals in the dry. (There is another company that carries larger sizes that has a similiar selection.).

    • Yeah that sucks but it under no circumstances decrease their value. My experience was impeccable. This is something that they are probably looking into for the future, but I if I were you, I would contact them and ask.