Timeless Look That Makes a Statement – Rock, Edgy and Assertive

A powerful style isn’t just a way to stand out.


It is also a way to make a statement.


It tells a lot about your personality and it communicates a clear subtext of who you really are.


Since I started investing in my personal style, I experimented a lot with different pieces of attire and color combinations.


It took me quite some time to understand what fits me best and what makes me look more elegant and attractive.


Today, after years of experimentation and testing, I can confidently argue that I have properly identified my unique style that serves me well and makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.


It is a slightly rock/edgy look, peppered with the right amount of elegance and quality and can be suited for almost any environment.


Below you will find a great selection of pictures of me showcasing my style, and different combinations of my clothes.


If you are anywhere near my life philosophy, you will definitely find parts of my style that you can emulate.


I’ll let the images speak for themselves but I will also provide some good reasons with regards to why I decided to invest in specific items.




This is my favorite combination and the one I normally use when I go out in the evening. It consists of:


  • a black Italian trench coat
  • a pair of black jeans
  • a black sweater
  • a pair of gray/brown brogues

Here is the look from another angle.


The glasses are optional but the shot was taken on a sunny day, suggesting that the look is great for during the day as well.


As you can see, black is the dominant color and the fit is perfect.1 I choose black because it is a very assertive color that is also safe and blends well with every skin tone.


I also make sure to avoid monotony by playing around with shades of black in the different pieces.


Below is the same look with just the t-shirt. This is an All-Saints t-shirt I bought some years ago, but it is quite edgy and timeless. I have almost ten of those in different prints and colors but I try to keep the color variety simple.


This is another variation of the same look:


You can easily replace the trench coat with a leather jacket and still look cool. If you spice up the look with a nice scarf, you are definitely going to get some compliments for your twist. As a sidenote, bear in mind that the leather jacket should be an investment for life. Save some money and buy a proper leather jacket in the $300-$500 range and try to avoid cheap and faux leather ones. It really makes a difference.


Finally, if you decide to go clubbing in a techno or r’n’b club, you might want to ditch the brogues and embrace sneakers.


The look still remains great and you add a layer of comfort in the whole combination.


The sneakers in the photo are a pair of Air Jordan Eclipse.


Closing remarks


This is not the only style you will encounter me with, but the most common.


I also like suits, more formal dressing, jean shirts, and boots.


What remains coherent in every look is my ability to properly demonstrate manly characteristics that can evoke respect, attraction and value.


And that’s something every man should aim at.


Stay away from sloppy outfits and treat yourself with respect.


A man of value presents his best self to the world every single day.


As you begin to dress well, every day, you will notice how well people respond to you, as well as how dressing well affects your mindset in a positive way.


Take care.


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Andrian Iliopoulos

I am the founder and main contributor at The Quintessential Man - The only online community that offers a holistic approach to self-growth. I am striving to create high-quality content by investing in a reality-based form of self-help, informed by a deep understanding of psychology, philosophy and my own personal experiences and social adventures.
  • Billy K

    Fucking awesome look!

  • Dar H

    Hey Andrian,

    Can you share the brand of brogues/jeans you’re wearing?

    • Brogues are Topman and jeans are Trussardi. I have them both for more than 4 years but I like them so much that I don’t want to change them. You obviously need to fix them from time to time (in a shoemaker and a tailor respectively) but it is worth the money.

  • Henry

    any similar brands to All Saints? love the edgy look on the t shirt!

    • That’s a really tough one. I haven’t found a brand that can produce similar quality and aesthetics. They have amazing prints in every collection. If you wait a bit, they will have online sale. Make sure to buy one size larger than you usually wear because their line is a bit tight.

  • Henry Coppens

    Hi Andrian,
    Two famous people said something like: ‘The more you stand out the more attractive you will be to the opposite sex’ – Coco Chanel, and, again, something like ‘taking the trouble to dress well shows that you have respect for those who behold you – Oscar Wilde. Try the first one – really works – proof submitted to Andrian. In a few more words your article embodies all this. But you know me, I would, and do take this to another level. Like for a club, I now wear thick soled creepers, spray on skinny jeans, a ‘Perfecto’ biker jacket (none other please!), a loose fitting T-shirt with some radical design on it and a hat, or even a reverse cap.. A few studs thrown in here and there. Henry Coppens

    • I love your style Henry! The pics you send me are fabulous. If I ever get the chance to visit South Africa, I would love to go out with you. Being the center of attention energizes me.

  • Kaizen Brotherhood

    Dressing for success!

    Thank you for the tips, I also prefer black over any other color. It’s unbeatable!