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Since I started this blog, I was constantly on the search for a unified life framework. Something like a philosophy I could follow whenever I feel lost and I want to remind myself that everything is going to be all right.


Homo sapiens is a very delicate and multifaceted creature. We are quite fragile but at the same time quite robust. Our fragility stems from our inability to view things for what they are and not for what we envision them to be – it is mainly an emotional thing. Our robustness stems from years of adaptation and experimentation that allows our body and mind to endure adversity despite our seemingly low odds of survival/endurance. This dynamic interplay forms a reality packed with imbalance, disruptions, and challenges.


Inspired by our versatile nature, I decided to initiate an examination of what really impacts our overall wellbeing and how we can consistently bring ourselves back to balance whenever we lose it. I concluded that we all somehow reach the place of internal security whenever we are sure about our focal point.


The focal point is like the core knowledge you have accumulated over the years.


Pay attention to this for a second.


Knowledge is key in order to discover your focal point. That is because knowledge is power. It is power because it provides awareness and awareness eventually gives you control over your life processes.


You can think of it like this:


When it comes to knowledge, however, there is a caveat.


The more knowledge you acquire, the more you overcomplicate things. You entangle information and instead of becoming wiser, more often than not you become confused. This process can have a devastating effect on your attempt to establish your focal point.


In that case, knowledge is not power. Knowledge is turmoil.


The problem here is that in our quest for knowledge we lack the necessary discipline and organizational skills that can help us accumulate it smoothly and effectively.


Think of knowledge as a pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid, you have the foundations. The foundations are the most critical ideas, views, theories and practices that you have espoused overtime. They constitute the backbone of your beliefs and everything that you acquire later comes on top of that as an enhancement.


During my tenure as the editor-in-chief of this blog, I managed to build my foundations around the following areas:


  • Advanced Social Skills
  • Masculinity
  • Attraction
  • Deep Work

Everything I learn later, like politics, economics, philosophy, and so on, are gradual additions to the foundations. That way, I form smooth connections and allow myself to enhance previous knowledge and eventually evolve my perception of reality.


There is no other way to achieve a confident and concrete worldview that can help you stay present and balanced in the face of adversity. Your emotional stability depends on that. Your life satisfaction depends on that.


Whenever I talk to one of you, I understand that this is your major problem. You lack the foundations. You lack the focal point.


You think that just by reading, or better yet skimming through, some major titles I have proposed here, you are ready to conquer the word.


Sorry, it’s not enough.


All those influential authors have put their heart and soul into their books and their messages are so nuanced that require deep involvement with their works in order for one to internalize that knowledge.


When this internalization commences, only then you can be ready to move on to higher knowledge and ensure lack of confusion and imbalance.


Introducing the quintessential mini courses


Challenging situations, like the one described, require pragmatic and practical solutions. I know that reading 300-page books over and over again is a time-consuming and oftentimes impractical process. I know that what you mainly need is a way to rehearse the main messages explained in those books in a condensed and straightforward way.


That’s why I created the quintessential mini courses.


Inspired by the most influential books in the four areas suggested above, I managed to create four small but powerful courses that can help you recover your focal point in difficult times.


The quintessential mini courses constitute a robust compendium of knowledge that you can revisit again and again whenever you want to regain your inner balance.


You can find details and samples below.




Masculinity is quite an abstract and also debatable topic in today’s modern society. Social and cultural changes occur at a dramatic pace and I consider it crucial for a man to understand what masculinity is and what is its importance in developing an effectual and abundant lifestyle in the midst of those changes. Understanding masculinity is like understanding your roots and getting in touch with who you really are.


Especially for all of you who find yourselves in a self-exploring stage, where you don’t really know what to do in life and you have no real sense of identity, masculinity can shed some light on those difficult questions, help you take control of your life choices and give you a good idea of what your life purpose should be.


My views on masculinity have been influenced by many great men who have contributed their ideas and research in that area. Some of them and their works include:


  • Jack Donovan, “The way of men”
  • Nathaniel Branden “The six pillars of self-esteem”
  • Dr Robert Glover, “No more Mr. Nice Guy”
  • David Deida,“The way of the superior man”
  • Dan Ariely, “The honest truth about dishonesty”

Sample video:

You can enroll here.


Advanced Social Skills


Advanced social skills epitomize the essence of influence and persuasion.


In this course, we focus on the nuts and bolts of skills that will help you become a more competent individual, increase your influence and persuasion skills and reveal previously hidden insight into human behavior.


The areas that I will cover include:


Influence fundamentals for social settings


People who manage to understand and eventually master the fundamentals are the ones who hold the keys to high status and value in our society – and that’s the trajectory I envision you will adopt by the end of this course.


This part has been highly influenced by the legendary book “How to win friends and influence people” and I cover the following topics:


  • Don’t criticize, condemn, or complain.
  • Give honest and sincere appreciation.
  • Arouse in the other person an eager want.
  • Start with questions to which the other person will answer yes.
  • Pump your energy.

Cold reading


Cold reading is an area that most people find fascinating because it can help you develop a very powerful ability to read people without even having to talk to them.


By deciphering nonverbal behavior, you can make judgments about people you interact with and adjust your behavior according to the scenario you find yourself into.


All the findings suggested here are influenced by NY-Times best-selling book “What every body is saying” written by former FBI agent Joe Navarro.


Situational Awareness


The main principles of situational awareness have been primarily scrutinized by experts in tactical field in order to find ways to be constantly aware of their environment while in a battle.


However, once you understand the main principles of situational awareness, you can apply them to every aspect of your life. In crowded places, in bars, in clubs, on the street, in busy malls. You will develop a gift of becoming acutely aware of your environment and making sure that you are in control of every situation.


Sample video:

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In this course, we focus on an area that is extremely challenging, but also extremely desirable. It is an area most of us have struggled with, and probably still struggle to some extent in our lives, and also a skill that, once cultivated, can bring a great sense of fulfillment to a man’s life.


As you have probably figured out I am talking about a man’s ability to be successful with women. And what an ability that is. Words cannot really describe how important the role of women in your journey really is. They will perplex you, baffle you, frustrate you and thrill you. They’ll turn your world upside down, have you flying to the stars or make you wish you were six feet under. All that, and much more.


But there is no need to worry. That’s why we are here and, in this course, I will help you deal with all those challenges effectively.


As far as my knowledge is concerned, I am not trying to brand myself as an expert. I am just a regular guy like you. I have my complexes, my fears, my anxieties and all those little things that make us human. I have been through joy, I have been through pain, I have experienced immense success but I have also experienced total abandonment and rejection. And I enjoyed every single part of my journey. However, today I can confidently say that I have reached a state where I am very confident with my knowledge and abilities and I truly believe that there are some useful tips I can share.


After almost 7-8 years of research, experimentation and also mentoring, I have managed to establish a very straightforward set of principles that have helped me become a person who:


  • Enjoys himself in social settings,
  • Is able to meet and connect with new people and especially women and
  • Eventually, create purposeful and deep relationships with them.

That set of principles I will attempt to pass on to you via this course, with the hope that it will help you become more aware, more confident, and more successful in your interactions with the women in your life.


Sample video:

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Deep Work


Most people are in a state of perpetual shallow work – noncognitively demanding, logistical-style work that is easy to perform, even while distracted.


If you want to become a top performer, you need to embrace deep work. Deep work is the exact opposite of shallow work. It involves tasks that can be cognitively demanding and that require extreme levels of focus and uninterrupted immersion in order to be dealt with effectively. Deep work is the only way you can survive and flourish in the competitive and rapidly evolving 21st century economy.


In this course I will help you realize what real immersion in deep work means and how addictive and rewarding this process can be.


More specifically, I am going to reveal all the strategies, techniques, philosophies and mindset shifts, that I espoused during the last ten years and helped me transform my perspective towards work.


I am going to share with you insights on how to work smarter and better, how to focus on holistic learning and how to eventually view work as a pleasure and the only sure way to experience fulfillment and enlightenment.


Sample Video:

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Also, if you are interested in all the courses, you can find the Special Bundle here.



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Andrian Iliopoulos

I am the founder and main contributor at The Quintessential Man - The only online community that offers a holistic approach to self-growth. I am striving to create high-quality content by investing in a reality-based form of self-help, informed by a deep understanding of psychology, philosophy and my own personal experiences and social adventures.
  • Alex

    Exceptional work Andrian! Can’t wait to watch the Masculinity lecture!

  • Rafael Contreras

    Great courses, Andrian. You are a great narrator. Love your vibe!

  • Eduardo Pedron Barros

    Hey Andrian, great work my friend! Just let me ask you one question: the “Deep Work” course is more focused on reaching flow or managing will power? Because for me the most attractive side is understanding how someone could possible achieve flow, that’s what isn’t taught in any place – it’s good to know what is flow and remember our awesome experiences in this state – but how achieve this consistently? I think here lie’s the secret and i want to know if you talk about this in your course. Thanks!

    • Hi Eduardo. This is by far my favorite course because I deal with exactly that. It is like a form of indoctrination to the power of deep work and its relation to flow. I also suggest learning techniques that can make your work more effective. Also, if you are not happy with the result, you have a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked, no risk at all. I am so confident about the quality of the knowledge I provide and that is highlighted on the responses I get from students and that almost no one asks for a refund.