Re-engineering the Ideal Blazer – Going Places Blazer Review

Re-engineering the Ideal Blazer – Going Places Blazer Review


I remember the first time I bought a blazer was when I was 20 years old. It was a black, fustian, Diesel blazer, which I bought on a whim thinking that I would look cool. And I did. The thing is that it didn’t really align with my character and overall attitude towards life at the time. Your style needs to act as an extension of your personality and enhance your outer world. If, however, your inner and your outer world don’t meet, you end up looking incongruent.


Since then, I avoided blazers and jackets in general. I embraced more casual and edgy looks, thinking that they will represent better my idiosyncrasy. This style served its purpose for some time, but eventually, you grow up and you understand that looking casual and edgy can’t be the dominant status quo.


It wasn’t until 5 years ago that I started to rethink the possibility of more formal options and blazers and jackets seemed as an attractive solution in that respect. I experimented with different patterns and brands and I came to realize that blazers are not only great style upgrades but also pieces of attire that can blend ideally with various styles.


Blazers epitomize the idea of a quasi-formal style and constitute the perfect wardrobe item for people who seek an effective style reinvention.


Today, I want to share my thoughts on one of the best blazers I own, which is the Going Places Blazer by Ministry of Supply.

I am really happy that I get the chance to evaluate and promote Ministry of Supply items because they are a brand that seriously takes into account versatility, quality, and design when launching their products.


With the Going Places Blazer, Ministry of Supply attempted to re-imagine how the ideal blazer should look like and what its purpose should be.


They used a high-stretch, warp-knit fabric that makes the blazer abrasion resistant, wrinkle-free, and fortifies it with Durable Water Repellent (DWR), so you can charge through your day worry free. That is an extremely important point to consider. Especially during spring, where the weather is a bit unstable, such a level of versatility clearly allows you to feel more comfortable.


What I also like about the Going Places blazer it that it strikes a balance between tradition and innovation. It builds on the timeless aesthetic of a suit while adding functional innovations. Great achievement, to say the least.


I put the jacket into test by trying to examine how it performs with various style combinations and it over-delivered.


The first style was a combination of a white shirt and dress trousers of the exact same color as the blazer.

As you can see, it looks great and this is a perfect look for the office and a semi-formal business meeting.

In the second look, I tried to play around with different colors and bolder combinations.


The attitude here is important, but I think that the color of the blazer makes it easier for darker colors to produce an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

In the third look, I tried something a bit divergent. I used different shades of gray with more raw fabrics.

The shirt I wear in this picture is a flannel shirt and the trousers are corduroy trousers. Add to that a pair of charming brogues and you got yourself a great style.

In closing


A blazer is a great addition to every wardrobe. It can be worn night and day and it can offer a great solution for when you aren’t sure of whether to be formal or informal. The going places blazer represents all that plus a unique functionality that allows you to re-imagine the way you dress.


If you are a new customer, Ministry of Supply offers 15% off with every first purchase. Use the code “quintessential4gp” before your check out and enjoy the discount.


You can order the Going Places Blazer here.


I want to thank Ministry of Supply for sponsoring this post and providing me with such an incredible product. I am very picky with the items I promote in the product critique section of the blog. I can personally guarantee that each item is vetted and evaluated in terms of standards and quality.


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