This Is the Quintessential Dress Shirt – Future Forward Shirt Review

This Is the Quintessential Dress Shirt – Future Forward Shirt Review


Picture this.


You are giving a presentation and, all of a sudden, you start sweating immensely. I am not talking about the type of sweat you can wipe off your forehead with a tissue. I am talking about the type of sweat that makes you lose control over your words and actions because it starts to act as a distraction.


It increases your cortisol levels, it starts spreading to various areas of your body and sooner than later you feel that your shirt will look like you just removed it from the washing machine.


It happened to me during one of my most critical life moments.


Back in 2011, I was presenting my master’s thesis to two of my professors.


It was a very hot mid-August day and I decided to wear my favorite light blue shirt. Moments before I arrived at the university, the sweat was already all over the shirt and I started to get overwhelmed by an intense feeling of anxiety. I rushed to the toilet and used the air dryer to try and make it look dry again. When the situation improved, I put it on, washed the sweat off my face and headed towards the presentation room.


My professors were also a bit hot, but they were proactive enough to wear a white shirt. Despite the unfavorable circumstances, I felt quite confident because I was preparing the topic for almost three months. I kicked off the presentation in a great way, but almost half way through they asked me a question that was off topic. The sweat started to reappear and the lack of proper air-conditioning didn’t make the situation any better.


I answered the question correctly but the surprise factor took its toll on my appearance. Wet stains started to become visible on my shirt and, at some point, the professors asked me if I was ok. The embarrassment of that moment was indescribable. I tried to blame the reaction of my body on the weather and the poor color choice, but still, you didn’t really want to be in my position.


Going back home that day and changing clothes, was one of the most relieving moments in my whole life. Thankfully, I passed the exam, but since then I have reevaluated the way I view shirts and their practicality.


Future Forward Shirt review


A shirt is the quintessential style choice for any formal environment. A dress shirt needs to be one of the most important investments you will ever make and, therefore, the strategic evaluation of the parameters that constitute a great shirt becomes paramount.


Throughout the years, I have owned many shirts. I have researched the topic a lot and I have also tried different materials.


I liked many shirts, but among those, there is one that stands out because it hits the sweet spot between price, quality and practicality – The Future Forward Dress shirt by Ministry of Supply (MoS).

I have reviewed Ministry of Supply products in the past and most of you were extremely satisfied with the items I suggested.


This time, I am going to focus only on this shirt because I feel it is worth your attention.

The Future Forward Dress shirt is a very innovative piece of clothing because it capitalizes on its special material in order to create a unique feeling of comfort and coolness.


As mentioned in the MoS website: Made of a breathable textured knit – as opposed to traditional woven – it’s a future-forward approach to keeping cool.


I dare to say that MoS has created a system of performance clothes for the workday that completely redefines what clothing can do.


This shirt is designed especially for the prevention of events like the one I experienced during my presentation and highlights how MoS have identified real problems and worked effectively to create a viable solution.


Apart from its practical value, the Fast Forward shirt has a great and very unique design. The textured knit gives the shirt an interesting edge and the shirt itself feels like a blend of a polo shirt and the traditional dress shirt.


As you can see in the pictures below it looks quite special.

I tried the white in standard fit and the navy in slim fit and both impressed me.

My size is medium but the fit is great in both styles.

The shirts are also quite durable and can be used in many circumstances.

The rest of the pictures speak for themselves.

Final verdict


The Future-Forward dress shirt is, without a doubt, an essential piece of attire. Its price starts at $95 and based on its quality and innovative design it is considered one of the most critical investments one can ever make.


I have bought more expensive and less expensive shirts and I can honestly say that the value for money here is ideal. Especially if you take into consideration durability and material quality, the choice becomes a no-brainer.


You can check the Future Forward dress shirt here.



p.s. Ministry of Supply offers a free pair of special shocks with every purchase to the readers of the blog. I received a pair and they are by far the best shocks I own.


p.p.s. I am very picky with the items I promote in the style section of the blog. I can personally guarantee that each item is vetted and evaluated in terms of standards and quality.


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