Suit Up! The Quintessential Man’s Guide to An Affordable but Quality Suit – Combatant Gentlemen Review

A good suit should have –


No. Scratch that. I was never in search of something that’s merely good.


Satisfactory. Passable. Bland.


When it comes to picking a suit, I look for excellence.


An excellent suit is more than just an outfit in your wardrobe. It is one of the most important pieces in your arsenal for life. Conveying a subtle blend of strength, power, authority and elegance – your suit should sum up all the qualities you aspire to, and more.


Vishaal, a very close friend of mine is the founder of Combatant Gentlemen. Combatant Gentlemen is the only suit company in the world that offers design-to-delivery menswear. What does this even mean, you may very logically ask? Well it means that they own every aspect of their product from the production to the design and delivery.


Yeap, that’s Vishaal


That said, I decided that it would be a great idea to feature them in our website because they are  in a position to offer unrivaled cost savings to their customers just because they can cut costs where others simply can’t.


I have been a huge fan of Combatant Gentlemen since their early days and Vishaal asked me to transfer my experience to you guys so you can benefit too.


So in this article I will set out everything I experienced with Combatant Gentlemen so far and give you a great direction with regards to what you should expect from a really good suit. Tomorrow is black Friday anyway so what better time to buy a great suit than now?


Ready? Let’s do this.


Real affordability


If you’re tired of rummaging through rails of stock to find something that vaguely approaches a decent fit – then their tailored suits might just be a godsend for you.


But what about the affordability? Here’s another little gem about Combat Gent.


They own their own sheep.



Let’s just clarify that. The guys behind Combat Gent really do own a flock of sheep, out in the hills of Italy. This is more than just an indulgence of a pastoral fantasy though – it’s all about quality control – and cutting out extraneous costs that result in the eye-watering mark ups most designer suits come with.


Overseeing every aspect of their collection – from the quality of the wool that makes each suit, to the design and delivery of the final product, means that you get to have a tailored suit at a fraction of the price from a comparable designer brand.


We also appreciate their total transparency about their process. With detailed specs for every item – including fabric composition and where it was made, you get a level of assurance that you don’t often get from an e-retailer.


A suit personalized for you

 combatant gentlemen

Trying to be serious here. Almost the perfect shot. 😛


So far, so good. But what about the actual suits?


The guys at Combat Gent understand that fit is king when it comes to picking out a suit. And so they should – Vishaal is descended from generations of tailors before him.


So the first part of picking the suit is getting the sizing right. Online shopping can be a total pain when it comes to finding anything that fits, Combat Gent’s Fit Tech has hit the nail on the head.


With a series of short, practical questions requesting details about yourself – ones that you’ll actually be able to answer accurately, without needing to tangle yourself up in a measuring tape – you get a suggested suit jacket size.


Their range of sizes is also impressive. Covering heights from 5’4” to 6’6”, there really is a suit that fits, no matter how tall or short you are.


Timeless design


Stop looking at my trainspotting poster. Look at how cool my hair are.


A natural eye for flair and style is in the genes when it comes to Combat Gent’s design. There are a range of styles to choose from – from genuinely slim fits that are ideal for a smaller frame, to a crisp modern fit that works brilliantly for both business and pleasure.


One word of warning about their Slim Fit – there is no vanity sizing here. So be honest with your measurements and don’t try to undersize yourself. You’ll only regret it.


The perfect fit!


They also offer a fantastic range of colors to choose from. Meaning that once you’re hooked on a particular style, you’re going to be sorely tempted to add a few more in different shades too.


The construction of the suits is robust, and feels solid compared to an off-the-rail competitor from a department store. Made of 100% Italian wool, the weight of the fabric is just right – substantial without being over-bearing.


Finish off your look with one of their silk ties. There is a rainbow of options to select from – one for every occasion under the sun.


Extra perks


IMG_7685Attention to detail..


Since they began in 2012, Combat Gent have grown and expanded to include a few more of the essential parts of a man’s wardrobe. You can now find shirts, knits and even a tuxedo – all made with the signature Combat Gent attention to detail.


This is fantastic for those who like to take a no-fuss approach to fashion – but still want to make sure you look good. With reliable sizing – always the most important factor when it comes to what you wear – and consistent quality, you’re unlikely to want to send anything back.


Combat Gent give more than just great value for the price. You’ve got a broad choice of sizing, colors and styles – and meticulous customer service too. While some adjustments are going to be inevitable for the perfect fit – I truly believe that Combat Gent offer a great value at an extremely affordable price.


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  • Bauce

    I was looking to step my game up with suits. This article was right on time. thanks

    • My one word of advice would be to be so comfortable in suits that it seems like you’re wearing your pajamas or jeans and chucks. Seems to work way better like that for me anyway.