June • 2017


5 Critical Mental Models to Add to Your Cognitive Repertoire


May • 2017


The Art of Storytelling: Taking a Deep Dive Into the Mechanics of a Great Story

The Anti-Motivation Manifesto

No One Knows You Better. Why Let Others Design Your Shoe for You? – Undandy Review


April • 2017


31 Years of Experience – 31 Maxims to Live by

The Perfectionism Conundrum

Re-engineering the Ideal Blazer – Going Places Blazer Review


March • 2017


The Latticework of Vital Skills – 9 Crucial Skills to Develop in Your 20s

The Alfred Hitchcock Method – A 4-Part Potent People Management

Aphorisms on Love and Hate – Friedrich Nietzsche Philosophy on Human Nature and Relationships

Skin Care and Grooming Are Essential Elements of an Alluring Persona – Alluvian Grooming Review


February • 2017


Cold Reading Techniques – The Quintessential Guide to Deciphering Nonverbal Communication

How to Never Run out of Things to Say – Inside the Minds of Great Speakers


January • 2017


The Game Theory Mindset – How to Make Better Decisions

This Is the Quintessential Dress Shirt – Future Forward Shirt Review

The Da Vinci Schedule – How to Organize Your Day and Week for Peak Performance


December • 2016

Ruminations on Fish, the Unmanifested, and the Internet

Making Wallets Great Again – Ögon 3C Smart Wallet Review

So You Want to Start Your Own Business? – 10 Things They Never Tell You

The Quintessential Mini Courses


November • 2016


Machiavellian Tactics – A Deep Scrutiny of Machiavelli and His Philosophy

An Open Letter to American Voters


October • 2016


The Quintessential Guide to Monk Mode

Primal Living and Modern Parallels – Everything You Need to Know

One Watch Every Timepiece Aficionado Should Own – “Dinka Watches” Review


September • 2016


The Voss Method: 6 Unconventional Negotiation Tactics

My 10 Favorite Supplements for Cognitive Enhancement, Health, Longevity and Endurance

The Left, the Right, and the Truth – A Deep Dive into Modern Politics and the Psychology of the Average Voter


August • 2016


Increase Your Social Capital with the 3-Stage Leadership Method – Initiate, Coordinate, Penetrate

Develop Critical Thinking Skills – Embrace Reason and Logic, Understand the Truth, Win Any Argument


July • 2016


The case of enthusiasm – Raise your energy, raise your stature

3 Important books to read this Summer and my views on speed-reading
10 Tyrannies that we torture ourselves with


June • 2016


Casual Wear for Men 101 – Master the Fundamentals

The Optimization Doctrine

Failing Doesn’t Make You a Failure


April • 2016


30 Years of Experience – 30 Maxims to Live By

The “Surprise Birthday Party” Principle


March • 2016


There Are Only Two Needs That Matter the Most to Men. And You Failed to Satisfy Both of Them.

The Exposure Economy

You are in the top 1%. And you are fucked.


February • 2016


Timeless Look That Makes a Statement – Rock, Edgy and Assertive

It’s Not Time That You Lack, but Energy – How to Effectively Manage Your Energy Levels

Age Is Not a Thing – A Guide to Getting over Your Age


January • 2016


Age Is Not a Thing – A Guide to Getting over Your Age

Introducing the Mentoring Program Of “The Quintessential Man”

A Mentor Is Your Trump Card – 8 Key Points to Consider When Choosing One


December • 2015


My 2016 Integrity Manifesto

The 8 Best Books of 2015 and How to Distill Books into Easy to Read Summaries

How to Stop Procrastinating: A Unique 5-Step Strategy


November • 2015


From Engineer, to Entrepreneur to Blogger – 7 Lessons Learned from a Life Full of Changes

3 Great Pieces From “Ministry of Supply” to Maximize Versatility in Your Wardrobe

How to Find Your True Self Series | Part 4 – How to Connect with Others without Any Pretense

How to Find Your True Self Series | Part 3 – Exposing Yourself Consistently and in Any Circumstance

How to Find Your True Self Series | Part 2 – Learning Who You Are through Open Awareness and Experience


October • 2015


How to Find Your True Self Series | Part 1 – Crushing Self-Dishonesty

The Elon Musk Method – A 3-Part Bulletproof Self-Promotion Strategy

The No BS Guide to Men’s Grooming and Skincare – 5 Quintessential Rules to Follow

Hedge Funds, Self-Deprecation and Growth Mentality – An Interview with Sprezzaturian Karl-Mikael Syding


September • 2015


How I Get Massive Amounts of Work Done without Any Productivity System

Don’t Overestimate the World and Underestimate Yourself. You Are Better than You Think. And You Are Not Alone.

Sleep Better – Everything You Need to Know about Sleep and 10 Sleep Hacks to Help You Get the Most out of Your Sleep


August • 2015


10 Reasons Why Connecting with Conscious Men Is the Only Way to Improve Your Social Life and 7 Steps to Get Started

How to Be Cool – This Is How You Develop an Unstifled Personality

5 Books to Read This Month and How to Read More Books


July • 2015


The Russell Brand Method – The Frame Control Strategy That Can Help You Command Every Conversation

Upgrade Your Summer Style. Eliminate Sweating. Reinvent Your Wardrobe – Ministry of Supply Review


30 Challenges | 30 Days | Zero Excuses


June • 2015


How to be Unforgettable

10 Key Points on Developing a Genuine Personality

Systems Thinking – 7 Lessons That Can Improve Your Performance in Any Ambitious Endeavor


May • 2015


There Are Many Moments in Life That Define Us. This Is Probably the Most Important

The Problem Is Not That Others Don’t Get You. The Problem Is Your Perception.

10 Key Lessons in the Art of Being Self-Reliant

10 Uncommon Mental Exercises to Change Your Bad Emotional Habits


April • 2015


Stop trying to be happy. Try this instead.

The Quiet but True Heroism of a Strong Role Model That Is You

A 5-Step Action Guide on How to Use “Change Psychology” to Transform Your Social Confidence

How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb People – 8 Precious Pieces of Advice

The Root Cause of Anxiety with Women and How to Eliminate It


March • 2015


Getting Immersed in the Power of Habit – 6 Powerful Steps to Habitual Mastery

How to Improve Concentration – The Quintessential Guide

10 Psychological Studies That Will Boost Your Social Life

The Lean Wardrobe Model – 5 Steps to Achieve Closet Mastery


February • 2015


Developing Effective Strategies for Eliminating Neediness and Meeting Your Needs – Part II

Developing Effective Strategies for Eliminating Neediness and Meeting Your Needs – Part I

Demystifying Assertiveness – The Definitive Guide on How to Be More Assertive

Can Happiness Be Learned? Here’s How “Happify” Helped Me Turn Happiness into a Habit


January • 2015


Finding Your Life Purpose Is a Game. This Is Your Strategy Guide.

Dealing with Rejections Effectively – 10 Reasons Rejections Actually Lead to Deeper Connections


December • 2014


Xmas Special – Thoughts and Ideas on Consumerism, Relationships and Our Existential Paradigm

These Are the 10 Books on Power and Influence Everyone Needs to Read

“Money: Master the Game” Review – 7 Invaluable Lessons Learned

No Legacy Is so Rich as Honesty – 6 Steps to Develop an Honest Mentality


November • 2014


The Quintessential Man’s Guide to An Affordable but Quality Suit – Combatant Gentlemen Review

An Ode to Passion – How to Find Your Passion in a Rather Unpassionate World

Intimacy And Eroticism – Discovering The 7 Paths To Masculine Romantic Success


October • 2014


The History Of The Suit – Part II : 1960s – Mid-2010s

The History Of The Suit – Part I : 1900s – 1950s

The Modern Tribe – How To Sharpen Your Tribal Instincts To Lead In Modern Society

The “Nice Guy Syndrome” And How To Overcome It By Following These 5 Invaluable Pieces Of Advice

The Origins Of A Strong Identity And How To Recreate Yourself in 7 Phases


September • 2014


The World Belongs To Those Who Hustle – 10 Precious Life Lessons

Flow – How To Convert Your Potentials Into Unstoppable Momentum – Part II

Flow – How to convert your Potentials into unstoppable Momentum – Part I


August • 2014


The Difference between a Confident Man and a Show-off – 10 Ways to Share Your Accomplishments without Coming across as a Braggart

A Date – Short Story

10 Rules to Help You Keep Mental Toughness Whenever You Feel Lost and in Need of Direction

Your Two-Brain System – How to Use the Power of Suggestion to Generate and Channel Your Emotions


July • 2014


The Art of Congruence

How the development of one’s Self can change the rules of the Game


June • 2014


These Are the 10 TED Talks That Will Enhance Your Social Life

20 Psychological Life Hacks That Can Help You Gain Advantage in Social Situations

Becoming Meta


May • 2014


Beyond Resilience – The Rise of the Antifragile