8 Quintessential Fashion Tips for Men

Think you’ve got a grip on the whole ‘style’ thing? Or does your sartorial game need some serious attention? Wherever you are in the spectrum, here are eight essential practical pointers that every Man needs to consider when getting his style game on:


1. Fit is – and always will be – King 

8 Quintessential Fashion Tips for Men

An ill fit never looks good. Never. Oversized, slouching, crotch-by-your-knees looks are not a get up that any self-respecting man will want to be seen in.


Neither do you want to veer into the uncomfortably skin-tight territory. Remember that a good outfit is all about confidence – and the key to achieving that is finding clothes that fit like a glove.


2. Value simplicity


Sure, you may want to throw in a little bit extra to make it more you. A quirky printed pocket square, bright striped socks, that flamboyant paisley scarf…


Hold back. For a stylish man, simplicity speaks volumes. After all, you want the spotlight to be on you – and not your outfit, right?


3. Make the effort


Simplicity does not mean that you do not make the effort. In fact, you should always invest effort in what you wear – it’s the first impression anyone makes of you, and it’s a vital expression of who you are.


Whether it’s a casual vibe you’re going for or a super-sharp suit, choose every item with care and precision to perfect the overall result.


4. The devil is in the details 

8 Quintessential Fashion Tips for Men

While a good suit or a well cut pair of jeans provides the foundation to your outfit, the details are what elevates it from ‘just another guy’ to something truly quintessential. Pay attention to them – as your observers will certainly be scrutinising them.


How you knot your tie, how you wear your scarf, your choice of cufflinks or socks – these minor elements will add personality and flair, when selected properly.


5. Pay attention to your shoes


People often make the mistake of thinking that it’s women that are all about the shoes. In fact, while the ladies might have a pair to go with every outfit, for a guy – choosing the right shoes takes even more care and consideration.


You’re not after just any old shoes. They should be pristine, stylish without overly trendy, and complete the picture you’re creating effortlessly.


6. Don’t get caught up in trends


This one requires care and attention. Fashion trends come and go every season, and some seasons, the trends are less worthy of your attention than others.


While you don’t want to get caught up in the whole trend-led rat race, the essence of style is to combine what’s timeless, with a contemporary edge.


That means paying attention to the themes of current trends and hand-picking the elements that work for you.


7. Lose the logos


As far as we’re concerned, the walking billboard look – slogan tees with brand names and conspicuous logos – is never attractive. Your clothes should be able to speak for themselves, and not need someone else’s words to do the talking for you.


That said – typography can add an interesting element to the mix. If this rocks your boat, then choose prints that are not glaringly obvious, but add an element of mystery. A well chosen, artful statement tee can be an excellent conversation starter, when picked well.


8. Always innovate 

8 Quintessential Fashion Tips for Men

Style is never static – as you progress through life, it should constantly be refined, updated and tweaked for every situation.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ve found your ‘look’ and never changing from the formula. You’ll end up looking dated and a caricature of the stylish man you once were.


Stay in the know. Pay attention to the stylish men in fashion, media and the world around you. Be inspired and don’t be afraid to take risks with bold changes – but always be true to yourself.


Images via The Sartorialist.


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