3 Great Pieces From “Ministry of Supply” to Maximize Versatility in Your Wardrobe

In my last article about style, I emphasized simplicity, physicality, and authenticity over fashion and trends. Lucky for me, Andrian had a batch of Ministry of Supply pieces on its way to me. The way the articles fit me precisely describes my attitude toward male fashion.


Looking over the Ministry of Supply catalog, it seems that they share the same views as me: The articles are solidly made, simple, and all form fitting to show off male physicality. Nothing that they have seems to detract from the man underneath. Based on that design sensibility, they seem to fit well for all occasions.


Let’s quickly go over what I received, then break down to how they fit and feel.




I have the slim-fitted Gemini dress shirt, the Gemini chinos, and the Mercury V-neck sweater.


The Gemini dress shirt is made from stretch fabric and it breathes very easily. The slim fit is just right for me, and the small size seems to fit me the best. I can tell by the feel that it’s meant for long term wear. I don’t even need to wear an undershirt underneath it.




I like how reflective the texture is. It’s very bright if you wear the shirt by itself, but make sure it’s a summer day. Otherwise, if you wear it under a sweater or a coat, it will still pop out, albeit not so flashy.






The Mercury V-neck sweater is definitely my favorite item. It’s thin yet stretchy. It hugs my body like a glove. I felt like it was tailored just for me the first time I put it on. It’s so simple yet so elegant. There is no other word I can use to describe it.




There is nothing flashy or showy about this sweater, but I just feel better while wearing it. The texture and feel is just right.




The Gemini chinos were a bit tight when I first put them on. However, since they are also stretchy, they expanded to fit right. They’re size 28 and I usually wear 29. However, they turned out to fit perfectly without any slack or tightness.




My only gripe would probably just be the color. Olive doesn’t match my skin tone right. I do better with lighter colors, like tan or khakis. However, I can just throw on a lighter scarf just to offset this.




Putting it all together, this is how they fit on me:


Buy the Gemini dress shirt | Buy the Gemini Chinos | Buy the Mercury V-Neck


As you can see, I’m not a big guy, but the clothes make my presence seem imposing. They drape well on the shoulders and accentuate the hips. I don’t have to flex any muscle. The clothes speak for me.


Looking good in your clothes is one thing. Feeling good in them is another. MoS strikes the right balance here. They’re made for durability and daily use. I can sit in these clothes all day at the office, and I have. Ultimately, if you’re going to spend money on higher end quality clothes, it’s more the feel you’re going for than the fashion. You want to be in them all the time, and these MoS articles do just that.


Ministry of Supply was kind enough to offer The Quintessential Man a 10% discount with any purchase. Just add your products to your cart and use code QUINTESSENTIAL at checkout. Click on the icon below to check out their products or click the individual links above to check out the products in review.


If you have any questions let me know in the comments section below.


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